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Hey everyone, Fire here, today I will just remind you all that if you can, please put ideas/posts suggestions at the JTB Forum, or contact me privately at the Contact Fire page! Thank you all so much!


     Hey Jams' today I have some important news for you, I guess summer is almost ending and I will be now heading to school. I am sure ...

I'm leaving.

Wow, I am very bad at handling schedules. First I was back, then I'm leaving ever so suddenly. I seem to have my interest in Animal Jam no more. But maybe in the future or so, I could return. But for now, I'm not sure. I am really sorry, I have a new blog too, New Blog. So if you want any updates, that's where you should check!

Sorry everyone, and goodbye.

I'm back!

Hey Jammers, this is Fire!

So, as all of you may know, I was on a short hiatus - until I had a looooooooooooooooooong break. I was getting tired of blogging and for a few months, I have thought, "Why not go back?".

I'm really sorry for leaving without letting you know, I hope you forgive me all!

Posts will be back soon :D

AJ Update Day - Coyotes Are Here!

     Today, AJHQ has been implementing new things for us in the game, and here they are! There are a bunch of things I want to cover today so this might be a long post. Anyways, let's start! But first, here is the respectful daily spin.


Coyotes are here, they look pretty Jamtastic if I do say so myself. I didn't really expect this, I thought it would be a domestic dog or something, but nope! Thought wrong, Fire!

The statue though, it looks preettty snaazzy!

Aye, you can buy it for 10 diamonds only!

They added some cool items and a NEW set in the diamond shop, as well in Jam Mart Furniture and Jam Mart Clothing! Prepare yourselves, for the incoming tornado of new items!

First we have the new Diamond Shop den items! We have some sacks of gold coins there, some ehh, what do you call that? A barrel thingy, some pet jail cell - wait.. PET JAIL CELL? I never knew, something so innocent can go wrong.

More from Jam Mart Furniture, and they look awesome! It can be a great addition to your dens, so better buy those things before they all will be gone!

Incoming call from the clothing items in the Diamond Shop, we have, the new set! At least the tail item is for non-member, I could have wanted AJHQ to make it customizable like changing it's colors.

Just noticed this in Jam Mart Clothing, looks like we have a pretty cool bean vest! Yes, beans.

Next up, we have new PET SHARKS! Some looks pretty weird especially that one. - wink, wink - you know what I mean!

For a minute there, I almost forgot where you can buy the sharks at, xD but you can buy it at Flippers n' Fins on sale now, now! (Just kidding)

A returning adventure! I love this one, but with the laggy laptop it makes me lag. -.-

Looking at all those items satisfied me, oh the golden color!

Alright Jammers, have you got one of these diamonds before?

Well, this kind sir, or it may be a Jammer overlapping - but I am fine, my morning is a bit tired out. Thank you for asking, you are immediately in the Thursday's Feature!

Last but not least, we have the lions travelling and the dolphins returning! What a good timing.

Thank you all, I hope you enjoyed and if I got anything wrong please let me know! Bye everyone, always stay PAWSOME my friends..

Just a small random thing I did, when making the post.

Sneak Peek!

  Hey Jammers, this Fire reporting live! Well, not technically, but AJHQ gave us the newest sneak peek and I’m excited to have it in the game now!

Judging by the video, Coyotes will be arriving in the next update which is tomorrow. Also, not to forget, I think there will be a bunch of new items. Seeing all those things in the background, I guess so.


Anyways guys, what do you think? I think it will be awesome! See you all next time, don’t forget to like, comment and maybe follow?

Hiatus Explanation - School Schedule

Hey Jammers, this is Fire and please do listen carefully for I am changing a few things up a bit in this blog. First I am very sorry for not posting in about a few days, I really am! I just got lazy, but I promise you there will be a post after this. 

Next up, is about school. I made a post about this before and I just want to explain it again, summer is almost ending for me and I will be going back to school soon. I won't be able to make posts nearly everyday if this happens, so my schedule will be changed to Friday, and Saturday.

Thank you for understanding, now let's get onto the real part of the post here!


We have a returning item in the den shop! In my short Hiatus, I've been reading blogs and had read about these returning items, so thank you for informing me!

Not to mention about the Pizza Hat and the Sandals as well in the Summer Carnival! These items can be changed into the most wackiest of colors! I also included the Sombrero which was added a few weeks/days ago so since I haven't made a post about it, I'll be mentioning it here. 

Now onto the Thursday Feature! We have BlossomQueen05 with this amazing den, with the theme of the ol' Warrior Cats Clan Camp den. 

I just want to point this out because as a non-member I got 1000 Den Items, and 1000 Clothing Items in the inventories. I have a perfect explanation of this glitch, I was a member and got this features luckily before my membership ran out and guess it stayed.

 Last but not least, we have a new addition to the blog.. I will be doing Journey Book Guides!

I didn't make this picture, I just took a snapshot of it in the game it self! ^^


Well isn't it a long and tiring day? For me it is, thank you for reaching the end, I hope you like it and oh! Make sure to keep a look out on the promised post I told you guys about. Bye everyone, don't forget to like, comment and follow! 

I was on brb on making this post lol XD

Secret Feature?!

     Hey Jams' I was just going to the Art Studio in Coral Canyons and found out a secret feature! You can color pottery!

You click on the pottery here, it is actually clickable!

There are the available pottery you can color! Here is mine I put all out effort on it! (not at all XD)


Thank you all for reading, I'm really tired but just want to post! BYEE!

Forgotten Places in Animal Jam (Part 1)

     Hey Jams' Fire here reporting another post! AJHQ added cool new places such as, The Wild Explorers Tent and the Pillow room! Here is how empty there are!

The Pillow is empty even in Aldan! What happened? Normally Jammers would get adopted in Jamaa Township, even in Sarepia Forest instead of the Pillow Room! The Pillow Room I know is filled with Jammers roleplaying, adopting, and talking about random things.

When this first came out it was jam-packed with Jammers, but maybe it was only AJHQ set it as the spawn? I would check this place from time to time, and it would be empty.


Thank you for reading, like, comment and follow! Tired me is taking over..

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